with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Peevey Jewelers…in Kensington

4085 Adams Ave
 San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-2347

Peevey Jewelers


 has been family owned and operated for over 65 years. …
They are AMAZING!
 Old school, small town attitude.
Friendly, Honest, caring…I could go on and on.
They will go out of their way because they want to, for your happiness.
Located in Kensington, just about under the sign and across the street
 from my favorite restaurant, BLEU BOHEME.
Their philosophy, in their words….
“We specialize in custom one of a kind jewelry, diamond sales and repair. All our work is done on the premises. We specialize in both old-world and innovative, contemporary techniques. Whether you’re drawn to vintage or more modern styles, and whatever your budget, we’ll work with you to create exactly what you’re imagining. We  also repair all brands of watches, including vintage and antique timepieces. From changing watch batteries to face restoration and mechanical servicing, we do it all. Our GIA Graduate Gemologists will evaluate just about any type of jewelry and tell you more about their value & design.
Most recently I looked down at my ring and saw that one of the diamonds had fallen out. We stopped by Peeveey and they were able to replace the diamond and tighted and replace prongs on any that were not up to par. He offered to look at Joe’s ring as well because we had bought them together for our wedding. The nice thing is now he will clean, tighten, or shine our rings whenever needed.
Well, beleive it or not a week later ,Valentine’s Eve I bent my ring while on my finger! I took it to him on Valentine’s Day thinking it would be days for a repair. He fixed it while we had lunch across the street at Bleu Boheme.
 Not only did he expedite the repair , he didn’t even charge.
 All this service and we didn’t even buy the rings from them.
You can be sure the next jewelry purchses will come from
Peevey Jewelers!!!
 Custom Jewelry DesignsDiamond Sales Engegement Rings
Jewelry Repair Ring SizingWatch Repair & Batteries
Cleaning and PolishingRestringing Apraisals
Engraving and more

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