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1. Protection for Our Military Families Stationed in Non-Marriage Equality States
While the Supreme Court ruled Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional on a federal level, states are still permitted to choose whether or not they will recognize same-gender marriage on a state level. Our same-gender military spouses and their families often have little or no choice on where they are stationed, and many are in states that DO NOT recognize their marriage or grant them equal protection as their heterosexual counterparts. Aside from this causing our same-gender military spouses and their families extra expenses incurred from traveling to a marriage equality state in order to marry so they can receive due military benefits (i.e., TRICARE, with dependent-rate pay/allowances, etc.), this has far reaching implications including, but not limited to:

2. Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) and OCONUS Command Sponsorship

While the Department of Defense has extended most benefits and support to all military spouses, regardless of sexual orientation, our same-gender military spouses and their families still face hardships and challenges while living with their service members in locations outside of the United States. Until SOFA agreements are updated with host nations, the same-gender military spouses of service members stationed in these locations are not “command sponsored” and face ongoing challenges dealing with:

3. Discrimination by the National Guard in Four States
Despite the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA and direction by the Secretary of Defense that all military spouses be treated equally, regardless of sexual orientation, the National Guard in four states (Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma) have announced they will not comply and will refuse to process same-gender military spouses for military benefits. Additionally, the Texas National Guard has indicated they will not process same-gender military spouses for official membership in Family Readiness Groups or attendance to Strong Bonds events (marriage enrichment events). This has major implications for military family readiness and the ability of our service members to focus first on the mission, especially while deployed. The last thing they need to be worrying about is whether their family back home is being properly supported and cared for.

4. Military Chaplain Support
On August 31st, 2013, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention announced that NAMB endorsed chaplains are prohibited from ministering to same-gender military families. With around 1,400 chaplains endorsed by the NAMB, this has major implications for our military families in accessing military chaplain support, especially for those located in places with limited numbers of chaplains. Combined with Roman Catholic chaplains who were also recently prohibited from ministering to same-gender military couples, nearly 25% of chaplains have been placed in unethical positions by their endorsing agencies and are unable to fulfill their oath to serve all service

5. Non-Discrimination Policy Based on Sexual Orientation for Uniformed Service Members
While the Department of Defense (DoD) has included sexual orientation in the non-discrimination policy for civilian DoD employees, it has not done so for uniformed service members. Due to this lack of protection, this greatly impacts our families, many of which express a fear of discrimination, the ability to report it, and have confidence that it will be properly dealt with. Our service members, their spouses, and their children deserve the same protection from discrimination as their civilian counterparts. This lack of protection exposes our service members’ careers to the prejudice of bigoted viewpoints and provides a roadblock to our same-gender military spouses and their families from fully integrating and accessing benefits and support services available to them without fear of discrimination. This can easily be corrected by policy changes. We humbly ask for the DoD Family Readiness Council to advocate for such policy changes.





Human Rights Campaign

Today the Human Rights Campaign 

called on the 18 states where same-sex marriages are recognized to extend that recognition to the more than 1,300 gay and lesbian couples who entered into legal marriages in Utah.

“There is no legal reason to question the validity of these more than 1,300 marriages,” HRC President Chad Griffin wrote in a letterto the states’ attorneys general. “I urge you to issue an advisory opinion declaring that treating all legally-conferred marriages consistently as a matter of equal protection and basic justice is consistent with the public policy of your state.”

Same-sex couples in Utah were legally empowered to marry beginning on December 20th and ending on Monday, January 6th, when the U.S. Supreme Court stayed the lower court’s decision while it is on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

Despite the stay, even Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has suggested that benefits may flow to these couples in other states that recognize marriage equality. “It’s not invalidating it in the same way that if they went to Hawaii, they could potentially apply for benefits there based on the marriage that took place,” Reyes said to Utah reporters.


Future of Boarding May Be Seating By Carry-On Bag



A new study shows airlines should consider seating people by the amount of bags they’re lugging onto the plane.

Airlines and their passengers are constantly looking to save time. A new study reports some valuable boarding minutes could be saved if passengers are seated on the plane by how many carry-on bags they have with them.

As any traveler knows, boarding time is prolonged by fliers trying to squeeze past people cramming bags into overhead bins. The new study from New York’s Clarkson School of Business suggests spreading around the people with different amounts of carry-ons. Each row would have someone with no bags, someone with one, and another with two. Folks would still be boarded back to front — save for First and Business Class — but the bag number would also be taken into consideration.

The new method has only been tested out via a computer program, but results indicate average boarding time could be cut by 3 percent if both seating placement and baggage amount be taken into consideration, compared to just doing the back-to-front method.

Read more in the Los Angeles Times, which has reports on potential “quiet zones” on planes and the rules on taking weed in and out of Denver International Airport now that Colorado legalized recreational pot (did you know you could fly out of LAX with a bag of weed?).


The Teagan Taylor Trio

is one of the most promising performing and recording artists to emerge onto the San Diego music scene, playing original music, standards, and contemporary jazz-pop crossovers. Their artistic desire is performing and producing music that is true to jazz traditions and relevant to modern songwriting, arranging and production standards.

Comprised of father Tim and twins Teagan and Dylan,

they make musical magic for the ears. The musicians of this trio can mesmerize audiences with their unique jazz style. It’s hard not to be drawn into this group’s sound; they are professional, polished and engaging. They perform at local venues, weddings, and private events



Martinis above Fourth


taking the stage at 7pm….

The Trio

has rapidly ascended the ranks of the San Diego music scene, captivating audiences with their ability to skillfully blend genres into their own unique sound that’s complex yet catchy, and cutting-edge, capturing people’s attention through beautiful renditions of classic jazz standards, while blending in the band’s own originals that are “up-to-par” with the jazz classics.

Of their two albums ,”I CAN”T COMPLAIN” (2010) has 3 originals and 8 standards, while “WONDERLAND” (2012) is a songwriting project,featuring 10 originals and 2 standards.

Wonderland” was nominated “Best Jazz Album 2012”

by the San Diego Music Awards







cause it’s all about the beads, well, sorta


 The Greater San Diego Business Association

Charitable Foundation

 presents the

Hillcrest Mardi Gras Street Fair,

to be held

Tuesday, Feb. 12,2013

Foundation board members partnered with large-scale party planner

Bill Hardt for the annual Tuesday-night party.

Tickets for this year’s

Mardi Gras –

held from 6 to 11 pm at the intersection of Fourth and University Avenues

– are $15 advance sale and $20 the day of the event for general admission.

VIP tickets, which are $50 advance and $75 day of, include beer, wine and food in a special VIP section.




For more information and to purchase tickets,

click HERE.


Babette Christmas Brunch Slide 

TODAY !!!!!!!!

It’s BINGO time …It’s HOLIDAY time…..It’s BABETTE TIME  !!!!!

with the wacky and witty

Babette Schwartz


Babette’s Bingo Brunch.

Mark your playing cards, yell bingo and win fabulous prizes. This event will sell out quickly so buy your tickets as soon as possible. Doors open with brunch service beginning at 11am and the balls start rolling at noon.

Tickets are $10 which gets you your bingo card and entrance to the event.

An a la carte Brunch Menu will be available

for you to order all your favorite MA4 food items.



Plancha Baja Med

Tuesday Popups at The Shack

If you missed the first Plancha Baja Med popup, it was a great event!

But don’t worry, Chef Chad White (Roseville, Sea Rocket, Gabardine, Counterpoint)

is having his SECOND Plancha Baja Med pop-up dinner

on Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Plancha Baja Med is a popup concept that changes as Chef Chad White is inspired by his travels, his peers. A nonspecific dining experience that allows his imagination to run wild. Cooking however, wherever, and whenever he wants.

Plancha Baja Med

Chef Chad White’s

Second Popup Dinner


Carnitas’ Snack Shack

in North Park



lardo + rosemary-jalapeno seed dust + candied ginger


squid ink + lima bean ensalada + lemon + cotija crema


humitas + abalone mushroom + salsify + scallion + lime


tobacco + pickled grape  + salted peanut butter cookie

Carnitas’ Snack Shack

2632 University Avenue

Price Fixe: $65, service fee included + tax

First seating: 6:00pm Second seating: 8:30pm









The 19th Annual

 A Very Babette Christmas!

Starring Babette Schwartz!

Babette is leaving her bingo across the street and invading Mo’s for the holidays!

Join us for

A Very Babette Christmas —

a two night engagement starring

Babette Schwartz!

December 14 and 21,


Babette will be hosting the pre-party at 7pm, followed by the show at 8pm!

She’s bringing friends and special guests to spice up the night!

Tickets are available at Babette Schwartz

(421 University Ave, 619.220.7048)

or at

Urban Mo’s (308 University Ave, 619.491.0400)!

This is going to be a festive holiday extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

Seats are filling up fast — don’t wait to get your tickets!


Celebrate The Boulevard’s Emerging ‘West End’

with a Holiday Touch El Cajon Boulevard and from Park to the 805, now being coined

‘The West End’,

is filling in quite nicely. 

starting with the


Over the past year, the Media Arts Center, Tiger! Tiger!, Coffee & Tea Collective, and the Homebrewer established a cluster of locally serving businesses to support the 30th Street corridor. 

In just the last month, SD Soup Shoppe and Lil B’s followed their lead. 

As the expansion of businesses continues, so has

Boulevard Nights…

an event meant to integrate El Cajon Boulevard’s West End
into an evening of festive, creative, delectable delights.
Start at the Lafayette Hotel
for a classic display of holiday décor….
At 6pm, join Assemblymember Toni  Atkins, County Supervisor Ron Roberts,
Councilmember Todd Gloria,
and Risa Baron from SDG&E
who generously supported an LED upgrade of the 805 holiday bridge lights,
which shine brightly from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

Coronado Christmas Open House



Events will be held in different locations throughout Coronado.

The Recreation Department’s Snow Mountain takes place at the

Ferry Landing at 3-8 pm


and Santa arrives at the Ferry Landing at 3:20 pm.

Merchants along Orange Avenue will have an open house from 5:30-9 pm.

at Orange & 8th Streets and ends at Dana Place.

The parade starts at 6pm


The lighting of the Rotary Park Christmas Tree is at 7 pm

followed by music in the park.

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