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REVIEW: Tyler’s Burgers in Palm Springs

February 13, 2012

  REVIEW: TYLER’S BURGERS 149 S Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs,Ca 760- 325-2990 Starting out in 1936 as the bus depot, the little “shack” that is now the home of Tyler’s, has become an island oasis in a sea of parking spaces.  Now, sitting in the middle of the paking lot, Tyler’s  is only open 11am-4pm takes only […]

REVIEW: Jay’s Gourmet Pizza & Seafood in Carlsdad

January 11, 2012

JAY’S GOURMET PIZZA  &  SEAFOOD On a recent Sunday afternoon we found ourselves starving after driving up to Carlsbad to pick up a dining table.  While sitting at the traffic light looking, at one of my favorite buildings in Carlsbad and looking up the eating options as well, on Yelp of course, we decided just to drive down Carlsbad […]