with Michael Lum

San Diego Remembers Matthew Shepard…October 9…7pm

Remember Matthew Shepard

 (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)


 Candlelight Walk 7pm:

Meet at 5th Avenue and University under the Hillcrest Sign

(outside  Union Bank on the wide sidewalk there).

Purple glowsticks will be provided or bring your own.

Don’t forget to wear purple!

Celebration 8pm:

We will walk to The Center where an empowerment celebration will take place

with featured guest speakers, entertainment, food, and community information tables.

Post Party 9pm

Those with a sweet tooth can do their part to stand up against hate by purchasing the special

“A Cupcake To Remember”

between now and Oct. 14 at


San Diego Remembers,

a local community organization that coordinates a number of anti-hate education activities, has partnered with the cupcake bar to sell the sweet treat as a fundraiser for their programs, including the upcoming fifth annual

San Diego Remembers Matthew Shepard March

The beautifully decorated cupcakes will be marble-flavored and have purple-themed toppings, the color San Diego Remembers has chosen to use to symbolize its fight to eradicate hate in the community.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each

“A Cupcake to Remember”

will be donated directly to

San Diego Remembers.


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