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REVIEW: ALLEGIANCE, A New American Musical PREMIERING At the Old Globe

The Old Globe presents the World Premiere of

Allegiance — A New  American Musical

It will run on the

Donald and Darlene Shirley Stage,

  thru Oct. 21, 2012.

Tickets can be  purchased online at

This is an epic story of family, love and patriotism

  set during the Japanese American internment of World War II.

Sixty years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, WWII veteran Sam Kimura to remember his family’s relocation from their California farm to the Heart Mountain  internment camp. As they struggle to adjust to their new home,  Young Sam and his sister Kei find themselves torn between loyalty

to their family and allegiance to their country.

With its moving  score, Allegiance — A New American Musical takes audiences on a  journey into our nation’s history through the eyes of one  American family.


Of course Lea Solonga is amazing.

Clear unique and haunting her voice is still as beautiful as when she won her Tony for  Miss Saigon years ago. Her acting is as perfected as her voice. Believably aging throughout the story 60 years and going through every emotion imaginable, pain and loss being the most constant.

George Takei, playing her aging grandfather

does a great job, in fact making you forget his Star Trek days completely.

He kind of talk/sings  comforting his grand-daughter as she is learning to view things differently

in order to survive

Telly Leung did a great job playing her brother Sammy,

known for his role in Glee as a Warbler and Godspell.

however I would have prefered a little deeper tone to his singing voice.

Most of the Asian-American cast have been in productions such as

Miss Saigon, Godspell, Rent, the King and I

and many more…

The score and choreography were first class. Well done for the small stage they had to work with.

From fun dance numbers from the 40’s to the indoor and outdoor scenes

 the rolling rice paper partitions change scenes seamlessly.

Even creating the illusion of a moving train…


Being performed at the OLD GLOBE THEATER makes every seat a good one

and close to the stage.

Take advantage of this opportunity to see this rarely talked about topic

put to music and presented  in such an amazing way.

Right here in our backyard…

Also visit the

Allegiance Exhibition

which is free, informative, and though provoking.

An excellent option to do prior to the show for a better understanding of the conditions, relationships and hardships that were endured by these citizens.

Actual artifacts, books and recreated models set the tone for the storyline of

Allegiance – A New American Musical


3 Responses to “REVIEW: ALLEGIANCE, A New American Musical PREMIERING At the Old Globe”

  1. I thought Lea Salonga won the Tony award for Miss Saigon, not Les Miserables.

  2. I saw the show last Sunday – amazing! I laughed and cried. Great cast, great music and set design. Lea Salonga has an incredible voice as does Telly Leung. George’s one-liners are perfectly delivered and provide a wonderful counterpoint to a difficult stroy. The show explores the internment from the Japanese American viewpoint and shows a situation much more complex than I had known. The accompanying Tag Project and the historical exhibit in the Museum of Man Annex definitely add to the experience.

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