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REVIEW: Shades Oceanfront Bistro in Ocean Beach

So after a great Labor Day Weekend in Long Beach, we felt like ending the weekend with an OB Sunset. In the process we found a great place to eat. It was interesting how many shops and eateries we saw as we walked down Newport and around the corner on Abbot. It was after the 3 Day Holiday,  6 pm  on Monday I have never seen OB so empty…I loved it….

Anyway ,


was right there, looked out to the water , had empty tables


water bowls out for the dogs…

(a good sign, it usually means  good people.)

We were greeted by friendly employees as we waited to be sat

and looked at all the things they had for sale.

Everything from dog treats, human cookies, kukui nut leis, artwork, and much more…

We were liking the place more and more.

It reminded us of the old time seaside restaurants we grew up with in Hawaii.

We were able to sit out on the patio and enjoy the amazing sunset.

The waitress was a little frazzled, but after what must have been a crazy weekend, it was understandable and she was friendly and quickly remedied any situation. Nothing major, an ice tea spill, serving a Lobster Bisque instead of a Clam Chowder, and forgetting an order of cous cous, which actually turned out to be a good thing as the portions are very generous.

The 3 of us shared an appetizer of

Artichoke Frizzles

Artichoke Hearts breaded in a lightly seasoned batter and deep fried to a golden brown.

Served with Garlic Cream and Ranch Dressing

The West Coast Pork Slider,

pulled pork with pineapple chutney  and slaw,

The Niagra Flatbread,

sundried tomatoes, spinach, pesto and cheezes,

The Clarity Salad,

field greens, pistachios, fresh strawberries,cucumbers,tomatoes,

green onions and blue cheese.

served with a balsamic vinegrette.

Available in half sizes as well

and a Bowl of NE Chowder

I will add pics of food later…we were so hungry and it was so good we forgot to take pics!!!!!

33rd Annual Ocean Beach Street Festival and Chili Cook-off

Needless to say we had to take food home, basically the entire salad.

Not only weere the portions generous all the ingredients are fresh,colorful and interchangeable.

They were open to making substitutions and changes to accomodate the individual palate.

We will definitely be going back!



try it soon , open Sunrise to Sunset


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