with Michael Lum

REVIEW….Zorba’s Family Restaurant

100 Broadway
Chula Vista,

619) 422-8853

Let me start by saying


We are spoiled here in San Diego with so many fine restaurants in each neighborhood .

If we have to drive more than 10 minutes it seems too far.

Driving to Chula Vista to enjoy this find will be well worth the time and effort.

The main attraction is the massive buffet with 20 + items, although an Ala Carte menu is available as well. BUT for $8.95 for lunch or dinner Monday thru Thursday why would you bother looking at the menu!?!?

The “Prime Buffet” is a little more at $14.95 on Friday and Saturday nights ,

but along with the Prime Buffet there is also entertainment.

A live band, and of course  belly dancers …..

and a dance floor so you can work that piece of Baklava off….

Greek food lover, dessert lover, vegetarian, or just a hungry patron, you will not be disappointed with the selection Zorba’s prepares fresh daily from old family recipes and proudly serves. You also won’t find half filled pans, food that looks like it’s been there for hours, or anything less than if they had prepared it to order direct to your plate.

They have staples at the buffet, gyro, spanakopita, Greek salads,

but they also rotate a few of the entrees as well.

Then, there’s the dessert table for your sweet tooth

Friendly, comfortable and family run you truly feel at home.

All this and the food tastes great, wonderful, comforting….

you leave feeling good, not just full…


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