with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Micho’z Fresh Lebanese Grill


great food, atmosphere, service


      PRICES !!!

1459 University Ave

(619) 255-9299

Located at the entrance to Hillcrest,

where Normal St. runs onto University Ave. at the site of the new Pride Flag, is this great find.

The space has been home to two other Mediterranean restaurants, prior to Micho’z, so you may not have realized it’s under NEW ownership.  So easy to look at as you drive by, next time STOP. You will NOT regret it. Besides street parking there is parking in the back.

We stopped by for lunch this week to see if the $7.99 LUNCH SPECIAL could possibly be good at that price.

The Special includes a drink, a green salad with an Olive oil/lemon/dried mint dressing, which is light and delicious. THEN, a huge wrap is served. You have a choice of a Falafel, Gyro or Chicken wrap.  Oh, also included is  the complimentary crudite of carrot sticks….

Let me tell you, not only were the wraps delicious,

they were so big we took the second half  home for dinner.

Refills on the drinks, courteous friendly service all for that price.

We are planning to return soon, like this weekend, for dinner.

Besides having great food and service they’ve opened up the interior

with more light and the setting is so much more inviting and enjoyable.


It is aptly named as




1459 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 255-9299

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