with Michael Lum

REVIEW: SIPZ on 30th


This is about the SIPZ on 30th NOT in Clairmont Mesa.

First off, anytime there is a new, clean and trendy place

that opens within blocks of home that is an

automatic 3 stars.

We’ve been for lunch and dinner. Very different experiences.
Of course the mildly themed Asian setting is very peaceful and relaxing day or night, that didn’t change.
There was no change in the food being very good, wonderfully tasteful and appealing for this once a week “we’ll do veggies-only” guy.

All the dishes had their own flavor, and they offer sushi (veggie) as well

Starting with the Won Ton Soup…it actually tasted like a pork dumpling.

Consistency, which I hate about some “Vegetarian” concoctions, is important to me.

The dumplings were firm and meaty. The broth excellently seasoned.

(Fried won ton are shown)

The Curry Chicken tasted like it should,

as did the Noodles with sauteed Vegetables.

The flavors were authentic, portions fairly generous….


Loved it so much had take out 2 nights later and then went for dinner a week later…

Here’s where it’s different……

The day server,
a guy full of suggestions, what he liked, what he suggested,

checked back if we liked it, extra plates…on and on…

5 stars OMG!

Night server,
a different guy who greeted us with

“Hi we close in 15 minutes”

We order an app and ask him to get that started as we were waiting for a 3rd to join. We also told him we would order with or without our friend as soon as he came back.

It took him 10 minutes to bring our iced teas. He says “we close in 5”. (We had been ready to order 9 minutes prior.)
We go ahead and order as our friend is not there yet…still with no appetizer served.
Our friend arrives as the food is coming and we ask what happened to the appetizer. We are told he ordered the wrong thing, he asked “do you still want it?” “No” was our reply as the other food was already there.

We never got a check back for refills of tea, “how is the food”, nothing. In fact we never saw him the rest of the night. We had to flag somebody down for refills, to get our check and to remove the appetizer that we never got.

We originally wanted to try a Vegan, No glutten dessert as they looked so good, there at the front.  But at this point we had lost the desire to be there any longer.

We actually have not been back since.

 As we left we asked “Whatever happened to the server?”
We were told
” There is a bird trapped in the restaurant, he went home to get something to catch it”


They lost an appetizer sale
They lost a dessert sale
They lost a star in their rating   ( a 5 for lunch a 3 for dinner.. averaging a 4 )


I’m sure we will be back at some point,

but, when there are so many good places to eat in the neighborhood

and the loose renegade bird in the restaurant is more important than patrons or sales…..

it makes you think twice…


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