with Michael Lum

Comic-Con International: San Diego …July 12 – 15, 2012

The 42nd annual San Diego Comic-Con –

– one of the largest comic conventions in the WORLD

Well known as San Diego’s biggest and best convention,

Comic Con 2012 is just around the corner.

Celebrating it’s 42nd annual convention here,

San Diego is thrilled to know that Comic Con hotel

 has extended their contract to stay in San Diego for years to come.

Originally showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television

(as was evident by the three circled figures appearing in Comic-Con’s original logo),

and related popular arts, the convention has expanded over the years

to include a larger range of pop culture elements,

such as horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games,

 video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels.

The convention is the largest in the Americas, and fourth largest in the world,

filling to capacity the San Diego Convention Center with

 over 130,000 attendees in 2010.


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