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REVIEW & SPECIAL OFFER of $79.00….San Diego’s Teeth Whitening Center

I recently went to have my first teeth whitening experience using LED blue light whitening.

There was a Yelp Deal…..

$159 for $378 Deal at San Diego’s Teeth Whitening Center

I can get you a better deal…

at the end of this post see how you can get it for

$ 79.00!!!

I have been wanting to try this for a long time but the price was prohibitive. So when the opportunity presented itself to me, at a great price, I had to jump on it.

The process was very simple and it’s done in a  quick hour. Yesenia does a great job at leading you through the process and gave me an idea of what to expect . There are 3 fifteen minute “sessions”…

Of course no eating for an hour afterward and no coffee or red wine for 24 hours.

 I took a before

and after shot

and noticed a different immediately!!!

My teeth were about 4-5 shades brighter after the treatment.

 Keep in mind this a mild process so don’t expect instant white teeth,

This is something you can do every three month or so

and you do get realistic results with no pain and no sensitivity.

Now then..

If you mention this site


 my name

when you call to make an appointment

at (855) 249-1474

you will get the FULL TREATMENT for only

 $ 79.00 !!!


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