with Michael Lum

Babycakes Balboa Park…Morley Field… GRAND OPENING…June 15..12-8PM

We are so excited to introduce to you our new pride and joy –

Babycakes Balboa Park @ Morley Field

 It’s a chip off the old block with a twist.

The new cafe is a California Casual dining experience in the park!

 Currently open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,

Babycakes Balboa Park is located adjacent

 to the Balboa Tennis Club tennis courts at 2221 Morley Field Dr.

the following is an excerpt from from an article in

GAY San Diego by Margie M. Palmer

 Christopher Stavros and Rafael Del Rio said the decision to expand to North Park came after receiving a call from the Balboa Tennis Club, adding there have been several restaurants located next to the club in the past. “The Tennis Club came to us a couple months ago to say they were interviewing other companies to move into the space and they wound up choosing us,” he said.

Colleen Clery Ferrel, the Balboa Park Tennis Club director, said they approached Stavros and Del Rio because of their company’s established name in the community. “We interviewed six different companies but [Stavros and Del Rio] really stood out,” Ferrel said. “We’re very confident they’ll do well and we’re excited about this opportunity.”

Stavros said it was not until he got the chance to walk through the property that he saw its potential. “I saw the vision and it made sense,” he said of their decision.

Babycakes Balboa Park is currently open daily, but Stavros said there are many changes taking place over the next several months, including plans for a grand opening event.

“We’re taking baby steps,” Stavros said. “The concept for Babycakes Balboa Park will be a California casual café, with mostly outdoor seating. This will be more of a breakfast and lunch, Panini’s, soups, salads and comfort food place for now.”

Stavros said the restaurant will eventually expand to offer brunch and dinner. “Our hours will be modified once that happens,” he said.

The Balboa Park location will be more focused on entrees as opposed to dessert and cocktails. Church on Sundays at Babycakes Hillcrest has become a popular destination for residents, where cocktails and food are served to a crowded bar starting at 3 p.m. The weekly event began May 2011.

However, for Babycakes Balboa Park, cocktails are not currently offered and a limited selection of cupcakes will be available for purchase.

“In Hillcrest we offer about 25 different cupcakes on any given day but we’ll probably offer six of our most popular ones at Balboa Park,” Stavros said, adding the expansive parking near the new location allows for more convenient access for patrons wishing to pick up a box of cupcakes to-go.

 We have with outdoor umbrellas, picnic basket specials, healthy food options

mixed with some of our luscious Babycakes sweets of course.”

Join them for a good time at their ‘Baby Shower’ –


 Cupcakes, Lemonade Stand, Menu Samples,

Activities for both the Kiddies and Doggies,

 plus giveaways all day long!

Mark your calendars!

Hope to see all you sunshine-lovin’ people there!



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