with Michael Lum

Paddle Out Planned Sunday for Junior Seau …5/6/2012…12:45 pm

A surfer paddle-out is planned to honor football star Junior Seau, who took his own life Wednesday in Oceanside.

You don’t have to be a surfer or even a swimmer to be apart of this memorial paddle out.

This memorial seems to be so apprpriate,

the ocean, waves, sun where Junior spent so much of his time,

 not needing to be “ON”

the hero, the athlete, the best” this or that”

out there he was just Junior.

The paddle-out, planned for Sunday in the waters near Seau’s beachfront home, is one of several memorials taking place in Seau’s honor.

His home has become a shrine for fans, who have converged by the thousands, leaving notes and flowers.

Seau’s family has expressed gratitude for the community’s outpouring of support.

“Thank you so much,” Tiaina Seau told a crowd of several hundred  outside the home Thursday. “God bless you  guys.”

 God Bless you Junior, May you now, Rest in Peace….


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