with Michael Lum

BALUT DAY !!!! Saturday, MAY 5, 2012 12:00 pm @ The FOUNDRY

       BALUT  DAY !!!  



Balut Day photo

          @ The FOUNDRY

2859 University Ave…(610) 293-3332…



(also spelled Baloot, Baalut, Baluge, or Balute.)

Balut eggs are fertilised duck (sometimes chicken) eggs that are at the stage

of development where there is a nearly developed embryo inside.

The balut egg then boiled and usually eaten with salt and vinegar, just like a normal boiled egg…..OR, with a good beer …

So where is this deliciousness eaten?

 Well in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam it is actually quite common…

and now @ The FOUNDRY!!!

 You can easily pick balut eggs up from a street vendor (usually cooked), no need for a fancy restaurant in this case.

 Though in the Philippines in particular, popularity is increasing and you can now pick up your pre-baby duck in an omelette or even baked in pastries.

Interestingly, the age of the egg  before it is cooked varies between cultures.

 In the Philippines, the perfect Balut egg is normally 17 days old, the point where the chick does not have beak, bones or feathers.

 In Vietnam however, they prefer their Balut eggs to be 19-21 days old,

the point at which the bones of the chick will be firm,

but they soften considerably when cooked.


Chef Kristine Subido of Chicago’s WAVE Restaurant

took her childhood favorite and modernized it thus making  it more appealing ….

Deep-fried balut with micro-arugula salad and aioli!




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