with Michael Lum

Mission Federal ArtWalk Spotlights San Diego’s Art Scene…4/28

Mission Federal ArtWalk

known fondly as the largest fine art festival in southern California,

 is celebrating its 28th year

of bringing together all facets of the arts to promote the joy and investment in owning original artwork.


 features more than 350 artists from California,

 neighboring states and Mexico

What makes Mission Federal ArtWalk unique

 is the opportunity to engage directly with artists who are respected in their field.

Thousands of pieces of artwork are on display including paintings, sculpture, glasswork and photography.

  In addition, this year’s festivities will be interspersed

with six stages hosting live performances, ranging from music to dance.

 ArtWalk takes place in San Diego’s

 Little Italy neighborhood,

filling more than 17 city blocks with art and entertainment.

The two-day event, held on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday,

 April 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

 is free to attend thanks to the support of its corporate sponsors.

you can never start too young.….

San Diego has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the Art world.

This Artwalk is a good attempt to gain some ground.

This weekend long art festival brings together artists from all over

 to share their creations with the rest of the world.

 From photography to sculptures, oil paintings to metal work,

 they should have something for everyone here.

even a graffiti artist here as well.

 For non-art lovers, you could still appreciate the day walking about Little Italy,

stopping by any of the food vendors or neighborhood cafes.

Why should you consider purchasing original art?

 Here are 12 reasons: It’s a healthy addiction • Your choice reflects your own originality • Living with a work of art never gets old, only better • Consider it haute couture for your walls • You take home part of an artist’s creative story • Embrace love at first sight • It’s unique – no one else will have one • Add to or begin a collection • Your furniture will thank you for it • It’s a treasure now and a treasured heirloom later • Liven up your sculpture niche • Support the economy and nourish the soul

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