with Michael Lum

..”Brunch” at RUST… Sunday, April 1, 2012 9:30 am – 1pm


General Store

 is an 1860s inspired general store located within the Old Town San Diego, State Historic Park.  The products are meant to reflect the history and culture of people living in, and the places trading with San Diego during the American/Transitional time period from 1846-1872.


For those who missed it, or even for those who want to do it again;

 we are hosting a coffee and chocolate paring this Sunday morning…

the only ‘April Fools’ are the ones who will be missing out on this even

 Selections from Saint Jacques Chocolat

 will be paired with coffees from

 Caffe Calabria similar to a wine flight but without the alcohol.

Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Kit 

Some guests told us that, for the previous coffee & chocolate paring, it was “too late for coffee” or they “couldn’t find any parking.”  Whatever the reason they didn’t make it out to the event, so we decided to offer the tasting again in the morning / early afternoon so that everyone would have a chance to enjoy the delicious marriage of coffee and chocolate


…on sale for $30 in the store and online through April 1st.

Create your own Coffee and Chocolate pairing party for you and 5 of your friends.   This RUST exclusive Coffee and Chocolate pairing kit features two local San Diego companies by pairing 3 select coffees from Caffe Calabria and 3 select chocolates from Saint Jacques Chocolat.  The kit includes 3-3 oz Coffees, 3-6 piece tasting bars, 6-tasting menu’s, directions all package in a box to keep and use for yourself or give as a gift.




2720 Calhoun St, San Diego, CA 92110

(619) 295-7878

 So you all know, for this round, there is FREE secured parking at the Caltrans building located on Sunset St. just off of Taylor the parking lot is about a block and a half from RUST so if you cant find parking along Juan street or parking lot ‘C’ head over to Caltrans and there will be plenty of spots available.

p.s. the “brunch” is only going to be coffee and chocolate…

there may be some snacks available but

 don’t show up hung over and looking for bacon & mimosas 😉


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