with Michael Lum

What do a Marine’s Homecoming, my Birthday, and a Painting of Rabbit Island have in common???

Our favorite place to stay in Hawaii is…

Honu Hale

on Waimanalo Beach looking at Rabbit Island…

We were returning for my Birthday March 5

About a week before returning to this AMAZING place a little ways down the road at Kaneohe MCBH

 something else AMAZING was happening.

A MARINE, Brandon Morgan, was being welcomed home my his boyfriend, Dalan Wells,

and spontaneously jumped in his arms and shared a welcome home kiss.

I “friended” them on Facebook and thanked them and told them

my husband and I had done the samething a few years earlier.

I found that Dalan was an artist in Hawaii.

Meanwhile I had been looking for a painting of Rabbit Island,

since it represented the tranquility of Honu Hale and our time shared there.

I found one, on ebay and the auction was going to end on March 4, the day before my birthday! The artist was located in Hawaii and we could pick up the painting for my Birthday when we are in Hawaii

and guess what????

It was painted by DALAN!!!

We talked and will be heading over to meet them and pick up the painting this afternoon…

It seems like many special connections have come together and are united and expressed in this painting…



2 Responses to “What do a Marine’s Homecoming, my Birthday, and a Painting of Rabbit Island have in common???”

  1. the story got to me too, and after many years away, i will be returning to hawaii for good this time…

  2. What a great post Michael!
    Really glad you guys will have my view of Rabbit Island on your wall to look at year round!
    See you Soon, Dalan

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