with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Tyler’s Burgers in Palm Springs




149 S Indian Canyon Drive

Palm Springs,Ca

760- 325-2990

Starting out in 1936 as the bus depot, the little “shack” that is now the home of Tyler’s, has become an island oasis in a sea of parking spaces.

 Now, sitting in the middle of the paking lot,


 is only open 11am-4pm

takes only cash

has no public restrooms

does not take reservations


 generally has a wait.

Tyler's Burgers

The thing with TYLER’S is the quality of the products they serve.

They make their own burgers, chicken salad, the most amazing potato salad

 and if you’re lucky enough to be there on a Friday,

the thickest meatiest Clam Chowder you have ever had.

and of course the burgers…

The burgers are made fresh, right there. Have your burger or slider

with a choice of cheese, bacon, onions, grilled or raw…

So a word to the wise….

 go BEFORE you are starving,

Take Cash and Be Patient !!!

Enjoy the fun and quirky



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