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REVIEW…Resurrected Furniture & Consignment Gallery


     Ressurection Furniture & Consignment Gallery…

makes it home in what could almost be described as a shack. Nesettled between a Hair Salon and Twiggs Cafe you could drive by this gem without ever noticing it. However Charles Stuart , the owner, takes the time each morning upon opening the store , to set out just a few interesting pieces to catch your eye and intice you into the gallery.
An Asian end table with a European table lamp on a Persian rug or  a a European end table with a Persian lamp on an Asian rug…he has it all. As far as furniture there are smaller accent pieces, side chairs, tables, shelves and lighting. A book collection with alot of out of print, collectable volumes. Books on history, architecture, homes, design, Christie’s Auctions, art, etc., etc and then the collectibles!! Asian, glass art art deco, European, such a collection.
 The store is aptly named “Consignment GALLERY”. I have literally spent hours in there just looking through all the shelves of beautiful pieces. In the back is a small Asian inspred” room filled with  clothes, lamps, vases, porcelain, framed art, on and on …
Trust me, you will find the most amazing pieces here. Talk to Charles about the piece, he’ll know the back story. Also, he is usually open to bartering , an exchange or giving a discount. Make sure you go when you have the time to spend some time looking through all of the treasures.
My most recent find was this carved teak mirror…Charles sold it to me for $62!!!!
You never know who you might meet there…

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