with Michael Lum

REVIEW: KELLY’S TREASURES…Consignments in Hillcrest


 located on University and 8th

in Hillcrest

                                                                                     801 University Ave
                                                                                         (619) 549-5154

 I didn’t stop often as it always appeared like it was in transition. A huge space that seemed like it was closing or just opening. Sometimes appearing low on inventory.  I didn’t realize it, but it looks this way because things come and go so quickly.

 Not your typical, over cluttered consignment store with items piled high or inaccessible and the proprietor sitting up front buried in “business”. No, items are displayed in an open space, Kelly aka Patsy works the room like a hostess at a cocktail party. Greeting, full of knowledge and willing to negotiate.

Well after going through 6 stores we decided that Kelly’s Treasures would be our last stop.

We were looking for dining chairs, older , campy.

and there they were…

but there were 5 of them.  All 5 for $100

We only wanted 4. While we waited for Patsy to come over we wondered,

would they say we had to take all 5, or  for 4 it would still be $25 per chair

What did Patsy and her husband say?

“SURE. 4 chairs, $80. I’ll sell the 5th chair as a side chair or desk chair.”

Simple. Painless. It took 10 minutes.

I suddenly realized why the merchandise moved so quickly at Kelly’s.

Next time KELLY’S TREASURES will be our first stop!

One Response to “REVIEW: KELLY’S TREASURES…Consignments in Hillcrest”

  1. <,http://www.caramoanpackage.comI got a really nice leather office chair for my house, but within a few weeks, it started squeaking when rocking. This has happened to me with all my other desk chairs with the rocking function. The squeak seems to be coming from the spring that allows the chair to rock (the one you tighten or loosen, depending on how you like it), but the spring is entirely covered by the plastic knob used to tighten it. Since it’s covered, I can’t really get to it with WD40, even when using that straw thing it comes with. I’m not overloading the chair, since I only weigh 170 lbs, so I’m not quite sure what to do about the squeak.

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