with Michael Lum


The TANGO 3.0 tour is over !


Gotan Project

have been renewing traditional tango with their

tango electrónico

already for many  years.

Live it again and again entirely with the

TANGO 3.0 LIVE (Blu-Ray & DVD)

 available worldwide since october 31th.

The atmosphere of


live performance at the


 has been captured here in High Definition for your enjoyment

 by the award winning music filmmaker

Fabien Raymond.

 For the past decade, GOTAN PROJECT have been taking their music to tango lovers around the world. A GOTAN PROJECT show is a total sensual experience, enhanced by the stunningly evocative visuals of

 Prisca Lobjoy,

 whose work as GOTAN PROJECT’s artistic director has played an integral part in shaping the GOTAN aesthetic right from the start.

 Lobjoy’s stage visuals offer the viewer a landscape rich with fragmented, abstracted images that literally pulse with the music as if caught in the dance.

 We see dancers fall from the sky,

 a golden girl swings back and forth, surreal fairy tales unfold before one’s eyes. ………

As sensual and erotic as the music itself, Lobjoy’s films complement the muscularity of the music with their physical beauty.

 It has been said that her quirky vision fits the nature of tango like a glove.

Like two lovers entwined in the dance of Tango.

the Ya Basta records online shop.

We very much appreciate the fact you still support us.

This premium box that is made of beautiful printed recycled paper can still be ordered from the online store…

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– The “Tango 3.0” original album – A mixed bonus CD with 15 Gotan Project tracks (4 previously unreleased tracks and 11 rare or new remixes from swing to cumbia, electro crunk to tropical bass, or abstract to hip hop!) – 10 exclusive photo printed cards

Don’t forget that if you order the box from the Ya Basta records online shop until december the 31st you will receive an exclusive Gotan Project gift :– A special digital “Rayuela Remixes” 2 track EP – 3 exclusive computer and tablet wallpapers – 3 exclusive smartphone wallpapers


 Tango 3.0 Live at the Casino De Paris [Blu-ray / DVD Combo]

Starring Gotan Project (Nov 1, 2011)

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