with Michael Lum

Old World vs. New World Wine Dinner …Thursday, November 17, 2011 6:30 pm …

The ultimate battle of the bottles.
Traditional “old world” wines hailing from France
go head-to-head with the bold, innovative “new world” flavors of
California, Australia and New Zealand
 for a unique dining experience that’s part sommelier-showdown and part communal-dinner.

Try your best to guess which wine is which, learn to distinguish one from the other,

 and ultimately decide who will come out on top in this modern-day

 “Judgment of Paris”.

 A collage of several producers who competed in the

1976 Judgement of Paris wine tasting event.


at Paradise Point


“Old World vs. New World”

San Diego Wine Dinner:

Guests will enjoy an artfully prepared San Diego wine dinner


5 courses and 9 wines in an informal, yet intimate setting at our large shared

Chef’s Table overlooking beautiful Mission Bay.

my mouth is watering… Chef Jessie just released the menu for Baleen’s upcoming

9-wine, 5-course paired dinner on November 17.

And at just $65 per person, the price is worth drooling over too.

check out the menu…


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