with Michael Lum

REVIEW: PawPrints In-Home Pet Sitting

Mijo and Chica tried everything to get us to take them with us …

 When it was deceided they had to stay back we had to think of options for them.

 Board them, take the to L.A. to stay with family or call …


“Your peace of mind and trust in PawPrints is important.

Our staff is carefully hand picked to ensure you have one of the finest pet sitters in your area.

Each one is licensed by the City of San Diego, carries full liability insurance,

and is certified in pet first aid by the American Red Cross”

  They sounded professional and we liked their promise to the consumer so we gave them a call.

We had looked into boarding, but we hated uprooting the babies from the home they love so much anway and the cost was crazy. We needed somebody to pick the mail up, and water the plants as everything is potted.

PAWPRINTS does all and more these things for the cost of visiting dogs.

We thought once a day at $21 would be fine at first

but then deceided for a few dollars more it would be far more benefical for our dogs.

I work from home so not having somebody there all day with would be a big adjustment to the routine. So for $39 a day we had the plants watered, dogs walked,

fed and played with and the mail checked.

The dogs use a peepee pad to relieve themselves and Kristin not only cleaned up the soiled pads and floor she took the soiled pads out to the the can in the alley versus the wastbasket in the kitchen. Her initiative, not our request.

Having a professional come to do things really is so beneficial.

She did things we didn’t even think about asking her to do.

 We met KRISTIN with the babies a couple days before we left and

 she loved them and they loved her

  and best of all…

we got back and  the dogs were happy, the plants were happy,
WE were happy!
Thank you Kristin and PAW PRINTS!

“We pride ourselves on our pet care. In many cases, pet sitting in your home can be can be less expensive then boarding, especially if you have more than one pet.

We provide all-inclusive care for your pets and home.

While we are at your home, we offer:


Fresh water



Walks for dogs

Clean litter box

Clean yard of dog waste

Administer medications

In addition to caring for your pets, we offer these services:

Trash to curb

Rotate lights and curtains

Bring in mail and newspapers

Plant watering inside and outside

Move your car on street sweeping days”

Their services are offered at a flat rate price

 One visit per day $21

Two visits per day $39

Three visits per day $50

Visits are approximately 30 minutes”

Trust me, they LOVED being at home with all their usual sunning spots ….

Give PAW PRINTS a call…


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