with Michael Lum

My Favorite Airline HAWAIIAN AIR, SAN-HNL nonstop, love it….ALOHA!




Not only do they have great airfares, $324 RT  to HNL from San Diego,

 the service, on the ground, and in the air,  is far and above the competitors.

Besides being a Hawaiian Air Miles Member, being a PREMIER CLUB member has excellent benefits…


Premier Club Benefits

  • Priority Handling When Calling Hawaiian Airlines Reservations
  • Express Check-In
  • Premier Club Security Line at Honolulu International
  • The Premier Club Lounge
  • Priority Boarding
  • Free Headset and/or Cocktail on Mainland U.S. Flights
  • Check-In Luggage Allowance – Up to 2 Pieces

Purchase Premier Club

• Purchase for yourself
• Gift it to someone else
• $249 or 35,000 miles

If you pay for the membership you basically recoup the cost  in 2 trips as you have to pay $25 per bag and for cocktails on board… unless you’re in First class of course.


Being greeted by a friendly, smilimg flight crew

the Hawaiian music playing,  it’s the way Hawaiian Airlines welcomes you aboard with their Aloha Spirit .

The direct flight from San Diego is fantastic. Not having to drive to LAX before or returning is great. The only negative is they do not fly the 330 Airbus from Lindberg Field. A small price to pay for convenience. The 767 that flies from San Diego is a wide body with a 2/3/2 seating configuration, very comfortable.

and the rumour that COMPLIMENTARY MEALS are no longer served in coach is just that, a rumour.

 HAWAIIAN offers it’s coach passengers a choice of COMPLIMENTARY MEALS, a hot meal or sandwich

 There are also Premium meals available for purchase

like the popular Sushi plate…

maybe it’s just a snack you’re after , they offer many Island choices…

For entertainment if you want something more than the feature movie and audio channels

there is a digiplayer available for rent…

I truly enjoy the ALOHA SPIRIT 



Sadly the tradition of a bygone era is the lei greeting, the old fashioned way,

somebody meeting you at the gate with a big warm smile as you get off the plane

greeting you with a lei I miss it…..


As an option you can “order ” a lei greeting when you make your reservation with Hawaiian

but it’s not quite the same….
For a more old fashioned styled lei greeting there’s LEIS OF HAWAII.  This includes somebody greeting the arriving passenger at the gate then walking with them to baggage claim. 
A really warm welcome… with the Spirit of Aloha
For that, I highly recommend…
 ALOHA !!!

See you next week when we get back to San Diego …..   

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