with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Ocean Beach Pier Cafe… On the OB Pier

5091 Niagara Ave
(at Bacon St)
San Diego, CA 92107
Neighborhoods: Point Loma, Ocean Beach

(619) 226-2262                                                                                          

This place has been a landmark in Ocean Beach and on the
Ocean Beach Pier for over 30 years. This poor pier has endured and stood the test of time, many times…

It sits on the longest concrete pier in the west coast .

The “OB Pier Cafe” sits about a quarter mile out on the pier providing some awesome views. Looking back to the coast, down the coast  and out to the horizon ,especially at sunset, amazing views…

A nice lesiurely walk out on  the pier on a beautiful day what a great escape from the craziness of life… and it’s FREE!!!       I’ve never walked out so far on any thing past the break and seen the surfers from the oceanside verses the shoreline.

Well about 3/4 of the way out you get to the CAFE….

Outdoor seating, to go counter or a quaint interior or a cold day with some clam chowder whichis excellent, are all options…

They are known for their lobster tacos….

but being allergic to lobster I had the Fish and Chips with Cole Slaw….

The food is actually very good considering where you are! Crsipy batter, homemade slaw and tartar sauce, one sweetheart running around taking care of people, it’s  fun, laid bag and a great get away for an afternoon.

If you hang around long enough and it’s a clear afternoon,

you’ll be treated to a gift of nature… beautiful sunset!

We all need a little get away sometimes , to stop, sit down and enjoy the seabreeze, the water and enjoy life…like this little guy fishing, maybe 4 years old, holding his fishing pole with 6 feet of fishing line hanging over the rail (the water is about 30 feet below)

…he really touched my heart and the picture says it all……………

One Response to “REVIEW: Ocean Beach Pier Cafe… On the OB Pier”

  1. I came across your post while browsing the interenet about OB Pier. I’m excited to read more of your blog as I am pretty new to San Diego. Thanks! 🙂

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