with Michael Lum

A Moment to Reflect on 9/11 & the EVERYDAY HERO, like DALE DUBACH


Captured in this photo… the New York  morning when


collided at one moment, changing things forever….File:National Park Service 9-11 Statue of Liberty and WTC fire.jpg

We all know what happened and have felt the pain…..

Why does the media just harp on the sadness, the loss, the misery…



…not wanting to look at the sad, negative, horrendous memories of that day, I want to remember the “unsung, everyday heroes” . It was amazing how many heroes there were that day and the days that followed.  

Some in uniforms but many not.

just ordinary people who saw a need and didn’t think twice but jumped in and helped, many risking their own lives to help another…

 So, there is a hero or at least the ability to be one, in each of us…Yes, the Mariah song, the Enrique Inglesiss ballad  tell of this hero that lives within us all. I agree, but it’s still a choice to act on it or not.

On 9/11 some ran for their lives without looking around, some were stopped by the cries for help or the lost child standing alone.

We have opportunities EVERYDAY to be a hero, sending an encouraging note to a troubled friend, talking to a lonely person at the bar, letting a mother with a crying baby go before you in the grocery line, these are very simple non dramatic ways to be everyday heroes…..

Then there are more dramatic ways , such as our friend Dale Dubach……

 With the recent Blackout in San Diego happening at a most inopportune time, rush hour! People going home from work or in Dale’s case getting ready to open his Restaurant, Martini’s Above Fourth. I’m certain wondering what was going to happen as far as the power affecting the opening of the restaurant, the Comedy Show scheduled to happen that night, employees coming in,customers calling were all a whirlpool of thoughts in his mind. The last thing he needed was to hear cries for help coming from the elevator!!!!! So being the responsible good guy we love, he stopped and helped the lady. He CHOSE to be a hero… He could have gone about doing his thing feeling he was already handling alot. But ,no, he stopped to help somebody in need.


So this weekend when you hear about all these heroes,

 remember the people who weren’t in the news, photogrphed or even thanked



like our friend Dale……in fact go see him at MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH…..

Martinis Above Fourth


….….just keep it simple, 

help out when you see a need…..



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