with Michael Lum

UPDATED REVIEW: Au Revoir Bistro

We hadn’t been here in awhile and had a coupon for a discount so we headed over to Hillcrest. We had loved it, busy,  good energy, good food, wine list so we had no reason to think otherwise.

Que the audio of the screaching breaks….

First off the double glass doors to the kitchen were wide open. Why? 7:30 at night. No deliveries at this hour. Was it for ventilation? .They were right there prepping the food…..

food we were going to be eating being preppedwith the doors opened to the parking lot.
It did not seem sanitary.

Then, it was empty, maybe 8 other diners scattered throughout the diningroom and it was bright. Much brighter than before, creating a completely different ambience, or lack thereof.

After standing at the door for 5 minutes because the sign said “WAIT TO BE SEATED” We were told we could sit anywhere

After sitting down we begin looking at the menu and were told almost immediately by the waitress, that they did not have the coq au vin. The exact quote was………..”The chicken didn’t come out right”.
What? You throw the chicken in some wine, add  mushrooms, potatoes and let it simmer all day….anyway

We started with the escargot, unfortunately they were so bland we did not finish them, and we were sharing an order….

We ended up with the Halibut papradelle and

the mushroom ravioli…

the picture resembles what I had on a prior visit, the one served this time had no sauce………..

we could have gone to Arrivederci for this!

The apple tarte with creme fraiche was a nice end to the meal.

Au Revoir Bistro

I think a return trip is not in the furture.

With Bleu Boheme and Farmhouse Cafe close by,
why would we go to Hillcrest for a mediocre meal and lackluster experience?


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