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SADE & JOHN LEGEND LIVE…discount tickets….check below

August 23 at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

Sade’s soulful sound and unmistakable voice creates an unforgettable concert experience. She performed for over a million fans during her last tour a decade ago. All of her albums have hit the Billboard Top 10, and she has won numerous accolades including four Grammy Awards.

Fellow multiple Grammy recipient John Legend will be special  guest. ……………                                                                      

Outdoor stadium seating and a grassy area where you can usually score ticket deals. National Live acts are the norm here. Live Nation runs the shows, so they connect with big names. The sound at this venue is great and most seats have a good view. Get out fast so after the last song to avoid traffic. If you take your time, plan on sitting in the car and enjoying some music. On that note, get their early to avoid traffic on the way in. Enjoy

LAWN GA 1-6 or 8 $74.00  
LAWN GA 2 or 4 $79.00  
LAWN LAWN 2 $79.00  
LAWN GA 1-13 or 15 $112.00  


Lawn Seating $23 !!!!!!!!!
Limited Time Remaining!
Limited quantity available
The deal is on!
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