with Michael Lum

Wanna have a Threeway? ECLIPSE CHOCOLAT…every Friday Night

2121 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 578-2984 


     An anouncement from Will Guswiller 

 owner of Eclipse Chocolat…..

Starting in August, Eclipse is gettin’ sexy each and every Friday night!

Beginning on August 5th, we will be featuring a brand new wine-tasting concept that is gonna blow your socks off!

We’re calling it Friday Night Threeways and this is how it goes:


Every Friday night from 6-10pm, guests may join us to enjoy their choice of one small savory item+one small sweet item+one half glass of wine. And all for just $12! What’s better than that? You get all the excitement of a full meal paired with a wine, but all distilled down to the size of a tasty snack! But wait… it gets better!

Each Friday, guests will have their choice of the “chocolate”, “vanilla bean”, or “burnt caramel” threeway, and the menu will rotate every three weeks.
Perhaps a snack isn’t enough? Well we’ve got you covered there, too.

Individual Threeways are only $12 for the plating, 

but guests may enjoy all three Threeway Tastings for only $28.

For you quick thinkers out there, that’s only $4 for the last tasting. That’s six snackable items and three glasses of wine… plenty of tastes to explore and none of the gluttonous regret later! Who ever said appetisers weren’t appropriate for dinner?

If you’ve attended our Small Plate monthly dinners, you’ll see a lot of similar flavor concepts rotating through the selections. And each time around, we will be insuring that all of our foodie bases will be covered: red meat, white meat, seafood, vegetarian options, both hot and cold items… and many, many more delicious formats for all the snacking you can muster.

Take a look at our first menu (available August 5th, 12th, & 19th)

Burnt Caramel Threeway:

Toasted Coconut Prawn with Green Onion & Chile-burnt Caramel Peanut Sauce+

Burnt Caramel-Mango Pot de Creme with Black Sesame Tuille+

Yaluma, Tawny Port, Australia

Vanilla Bean Threeway:

French Onion Soup with White Chocolate Blood Orange Croute+

Chamomile-Lemon Bar with White Chocolate Glaze & Vanilla Sea Salt+

Heinz Eifel, White Riesling, Germany
Chocolate Threeway:

Beef Bourguignon with Blackberry-Cocoa Jus+

Blackberry Bread Pudding with Cocoa-nib Infused Whipped Cream+

Calera, Red Pinot Noir, USA

So head on over to ECLIPSE CHOCOLAT  

and have yourself a THREE WAY …


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