with Michael Lum

REVIEW: ONO’S CAFE…Island Style Food in Bonita……

4154 Bonita Rd
Bonita, CA 91902
Neighborhood: Chula Vista
(619) 470-6667

Mission Statement

Ono’s Café is dedicated to providing for our guests the premier experience in Tropical-Asian fusion dining. We strive for excellence in customer service; create unique and delicious Pacific-Rim cuisine using only the finest and freshest ingredients; and maintain a clean, comfortable, and extraordinary setting for both guests and staff.

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We needed to go to Chula Vista and had heard about ONO’S and thought we would stop by for lunch on our way home. It was about 12:45  2 tables eating, a table that had just ordered and us. A total of 8 people in the cafe. The male server told us to sit anywhere and then brought us menus and asked what we wanted to drink. We ordrerd 2 ice teas.  Then the female server came to take the order. We ordered 2 lunch entrees and a Rainbow roll of sushi. 10 minutes later the iced tea came.

10 minutes after that they brought some miso soup to start. It was server in a plastic “kava” bowl. I didn’t like they “flavor” it added to the taste of the soup.

I’ve seen it used to serve salsa or guacamole in. Maybe I’m being picky but there is a reason the Japanese serve Miso soup in porcelain bowls, just saying.

The Rainbow Roll came about 5 minutes after that… a little awkward to eat with no utensils, soy sauce or plates.

They did bring them upon asking and apologized. If you’re keeping track we’ve now been there 25 minutes and maybe there are now 12 people eating in the whole place, two servers. 35 minutes after sitting down the Teriyaki Beef with Julienne vegies comes out… A stir fry, 35 minutes?! So we then ask where the Tempura Mix plate is. “Oh sorry” 10 minutes later the Tempura Mix plate arrives.  I WISH i could say it was good. The sushi yes. The entrees no. The batter was a sickly dark gold color, as in old oil, the beef stir fey must have been cut with a dull knife as it was all laced together with grissle, like a  net. REMEMBER 10-12 people! Stir fry and deep fry… 45 minutes and guess what it was a $1 per minute…$45.

Also, as I have said in other posts… if you’re gonna serve wine, store it properly. Standing up at foot traffic level doesn’t encourage me to order a bottle…

Being a Pacific Islander I so much wanted this to be a good place to go to, BUT, being a Pacific Islander I would have to say I could not recommend this place.

The silk flowers, and hokey tikis for decor…

and the Massage Session/Cirque du Soleil/World music CD that was playing just did not add anything to the experience. Sorry…


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