with Michael Lum

Secrets to a Long & Happy Marriage…………..

A friend sent this to me the other night

The following is a little something I found…
true, humourous and some sound advice…………….

*did you ever notice the analogy always used between a successful  marriage /relationship and wine????



The following is called

 The  “5 T’s for a Happy Marriage’

The 5 Ts to remember for a long lasting, happy and blissful marriage:

..I say make it 7…..

Trust: Be truthful and trusting towards yourself and your partner

Time: Quality & Quantity time

Talk : Listening and sharing our fears, our thoughts, our hopes, our frustrations and dreams

Touch: Touching one another in marriage every day

Thanks: Thankful, grateful and appreciative to one another

I say add two more “T’s”……  A  TANQUERAY AND TONIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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