with Michael Lum

San Diego Opera Scenic Studio Tour ….Monday, 8/15/11, 9:30 AM



San Diego Opera Scenic Shop

3064 Commercial Street         

This group was formed to bring together and introduce San Diegans to their own San Diego Opera. We will be attending opera performances, eating great food, meeting new friends and learning about the wonderful world of opera. If you are interested in the moving power of the human voice, beautiful music, the stage, and meeting new like-minded people this group is for you!

Ever wondered how the incredible sets that you see in our Main Stage productions are created?

The first meet-up of the season is a free tour of our Scenic Studio…

You’ll get to see the phenomenal scenic artists, watch the skilled carpenters at work and see first-hand how these talented people bring the design to larger-than-life.

SDO’s Scenic Studio is wrapping up the building for a new production of Lucia di Lammermoor for Chicago Lyric Opera. You can see the final touches going into place. And it’s a really cool design too.

The tour will be given by either Ron Allen (Head of Production) or John David Peters (Production/Construction Carpenter). Both are the best in the biz so you’re in for a treat.

The tour is MONDAY August 15, during the day.

They can only offer the tour when the Studio is open. (During the day!)…

What to wear: No open toed shoes and wear something you don’t mind if you get dirt on it. They also have some rather fabulous special goggles for you to wear in certain areas of the studio – but theyprovide those!

Ian Campbell, general director of San Diego Opera, 

 photographed on the set of “Der Rosenkavalier.”


A construction crew for the San Diego Opera’s production of “Faust” wrangles sets into position.

* both of the above pictures taken by Sam Hodges

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