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US Open Sandcastle Competition …IMPERIAL BEACH July 23-July 24


Seacoast Drive

Saturday, July 23rd                                

More for the kids & families Saturday offers…. Vendors set up for the weekend activities,  entertainment, food, arts and crafts, and lots of fun…..

The Kids-N-Kastles Competition is held on Saturday afternoon all the musical entertainment, selected from a wide variety of family friendly local acts, draws a huge crowd every year.
Sunday July 24th, 2011

On Sunday July 24th, the official U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition will be held. This is the championship of sandcastle building where the professional sand carvers vie for the title of Master’s Champion.

Professional and amateur sand carving teams throughout the U.S. will compete in the sandcastle building competition with more than $21,000 in cash prizes. Trained representatives for the US Open Sandcastle Competition will judge all categories. The weekend festivities conclude when the teams are presented with titles and cash prizes presented at the Awards ceremony.




Sandcastle building begins at 9:00am and concludes at 2:00pm. Sculptures are only available for viewing until 4:00pm due to the tides.


Go early and prepare to fight parking, traffic and crowds. Also, be ready to enjoy a little stroll from your parking space to Seacoast Drive. IB is a laid-back, beach town with laid-back locals. Try to act like a local and chill a little, and you’ll have a great time. If you tend to get all bent out of shape about crowds and traffic, then why the heck are you going to a street fair anyway?


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