with Michael Lum



We usually go on HORNBLOWER CRUISES and LOVE them.
FLAGSHIP never again….

July 4th Fireworks Cruise $40

To start , long..I mean long line to check in. No consideration for handicapped. Once checked in go into 1 of  3 long lines all funneling into 1 gang plank to board.

*Intention to force everybody to take that hidious picture that you never buy.

God furnished the good weather….
the city the fireworks…
us the $$$ for the boat….

so if we all did what we were suppose to do, why was the experience bad?

Oh, FLAGSHIP..or “SNAGSHIP” let us down!!!!!!

I’ll make it short and quick……….

The speaker didn’t work so you couldn’t hear what they were saying.

They ran out of “snacks” and drink selections and  they had 1 poor guy working  by himself at the food/drink counter for the all the people…

The music that was suppose to coincide with the fireworks obviously could not be heard ,since the speakers were broken and/or staticky when they crackled a sound, thus diminishing the experience.

The boat seemed like it needed some TLC as well…………………..

Sri Lankan asylum seekers engage in a hunger strike after their boat broke down on the way to Australia's Christmas Island, at Cilegon on October 16, 2009 in Merak, Java, Indonesia. Around 260 asylum seekers set off from Malaysia on a large cargo boat bound for Australia, each reportedly paying USD15,000 for their passage, but the craft broke down after 13 days at sea and was intercepted by an Indonesian navy vessel. The asylum-seekers are refusing however to leave their boat and have launched their hunger strike in an attempt to bring international intervention and attention to their plight for a safe haven.



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