with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Ki’s Restaurant …in Cardiff

2591 S Hwy 101
Cardiff, CA 92007

(760) 436-5236

Ki’s was started as a simple idea in a small converted beauty shop in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. In1980, Catherine “Ki” Holcomb partnered with her son, Barry, to provide the local community with fresh juice and vitamins. Shortly after, Ki started cooking homestyle meals prepared in a healthful manner. The meals  were a hit and the popularity of Ki’s grew steadily.

“Since the beginning, our belief has been that good health comes from eating real and whole foods. You will not find unnecessary additives and preservatives in our food. For those of you with special diets, we have created an optional Gluten-free Menu or a Vegan/ Vegetarian Menu.”

Ki’s is actually located across the street from the beach and The Chart House ,which is beachfront, has the commanding view and unfortunately obstucts a good portion of the ocean view. So, if it’s the view you want your better choice would be the Chart House.

Ki’s, as you read, is more about the healthly, locally grown, organic and humanely treated ingredients in your meal than it is about the view.

A very simple decor greets you. Local artists hang their work which is

for sale.

We started with the Green apple, goat cheese, candied walnuts and a Creamy Tarragon dressing ,which is tossed sparingly as it should be, into the baby greens  …….

followed by the Seafood curry, which had salmon,mahimahi,shrimp,scallops and fresh vegetables.

It had a very mild flavor considering it was curry, and a bit of a  “messy presentation”.

Rib eye ,served with an assortment of frsh veggies and potatu au gratin. There was a light demi-glace over top. Again, not real flavorful.

As far as service, unforunately from the initial greeting ,where the server stopped mid sentance to “grab” her food from the kitchen.  We had to ask for bread as we saw it on other tables.

The water was never refilled until we asked ,after sitting there with empty glasses for 2o minutes. She never came around. Another server came by to check on us and we ordered a second bottle of wine from her. The original server came by and we told her we had ordered another bottle. She came back with it and opened it. Then, the second server returned and started to open the wine in her hand, the third bottle.  Obviously there was no communication between them.

I guess if you go with the attitude that this is a laid back, organic, locally grown, farm raised, not in a hurry type place you will enjoy it more.


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