with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Bangkok Thai Bistro ….ANOTHER NO! NO! NO!

540 University
San Diego, CA 92103
Neighborhood: Hillcrest
(619) 269-9209
Well we went here at my suggestion…8 of us! UGH! SO embarassed. I selected Bangkok for the night of DINING OUT FOR LIFE. They weregiving a  donation of 50% of their sales . That sounded generous,great.
Its an odd frontage…you see the windows of the diningroom then the first doorway actually leads upstairs to aprtments the 2nd doorway goes to the restaurant. Unless you are looking for it, you won’t see it. No outside seating.
Ok first there were seatings of 2 hour inceiments,fine. Then a 4 course meal ONLY thing  available for $35.
Getting skeotical as we never see any body in there whenever we have passed by.  But, it was a donation.
We get there it’s very stark……..We are seated , drinks are ordered and we are told city officials will be there helping to serve. Great , sounds fun. We all order. Then after about 20 minutes we get the soup or salad. 4 had soup 4 had salad. Soup was cold for 2. Salads were nothing like anything on the menu. Corn kernels,diced tomato on a fried wontun shell. With a vinegrette that was ok but that salad looked at tasted like a Taco Salad, nothing Thai about it. I aske what happened to the appetizers and was told they get served next. 10 minutes later asked another server she said “oh I guess they forgot. 10 minutes late the “apps” arrived.
 At this point we lit our own candles as it was really busy. I guess they drew people in with the 50% donation line….. There were politicians pouring water and checking tables and they said “I guess we’re suppose to really take care of you guys,are you special?” 
Well I had talked to and met the owner had said I was bringing 8 people in. Long story short she knows I blog and was trying to keep us happy….
 All through the night apoplogizing and  kept having  Councilman Todd Gloria
and Nathan Fletcher (who beacme a Dad for the second time the next day..Congrats!) come to the table, checking, pouring water……we just wanted to eat and get outta there.
We wanted our dinner as the 2 hour window was closing fast. It came.,at last  What looked like 2-3ozs of sliced flank steak , dipping sauce and pickled papaya was the first selection………….
and the  salmon drowning in a curry sauce with 2 cups of rice piled in a mound on the plate with a carrot slice on top…
I told the Manager/Owner that my asparagus was  half steaming hot the part under the salmon, and refrigerator cold for the part hanging off the plate. She said “we make everything to order” WHAT!?!?!? How can it be 1/2 hot and 1/2 cold. NOBODY ate more than 50% of their meal.  A premade, as in frozen ,desert was served. Literally 2 bites..Maybe 1″x2″ rectangal. BE HONEST! NO EXCUSES that were so phony we could see right through them. That night the others were on facebook, tweeter saying how horrible it was.
We have decided that this “Dining out for Life ” is being used by restauranteurs…not all, but some, as a marketing tool, raise prices or change them, offer “set” meals at twice the cost of regular menu items…on and on.
Next year we will do a potluck and all bring $20-$25 as well,  and then take it to the GLBT Center ourselves…
Look for your invitation!!!
Nobody was happy. Of course, because we had 8 , 18% was adding insult to injury.
Oh, will we go back NO…….
not when Taste of  Thai is directly across the street
or Amarin down the street
These are presentations by these two restaurants…

Taste of Thai’s Wrap

Amarin’s Fried Rice

One Response to “REVIEW: Bangkok Thai Bistro ….ANOTHER NO! NO! NO!”

  1. Well, you hit that one right on the head…I cannot believe the audacity of their staff and cooks, (not chefs, chefs have pride in what they serve). Mine was one of the soups that was cold when I got it, looked like eggdrop jelly not soup, so I sent it back, again it took them like 20 minutes to bring me my luke warm soup…Literally, the bottom of the soup was ice cold and the top was hot so when I stirred it it was luke warm…Then I was kinda afraid to eat it, though I did cause I was hungry, the cooks probably spit in it…

    Horrible experience for food, GREAT experience with family and friends, and seeing politicos serving water…HA!

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