with Michael Lum

REVIEW: TORA Seafood Buffet

1640 Camino del Rio N
(at Bus Access Rd)
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 295-972


First …’s inconvenient to get to. You have to walk through the mall verses being off the parking lot as Onami was. If you park under the mall and intend to use the people mover up to Tora you best not be handicapped. There is NO handicapped parking in that location. We had to park at Macy’s and walk through the Post Office to get to Tora.

 Second …..the selections. There is no sashimi…only sushi, and most of the sushi used chopped or shredded fish or crab. “Designer concocked creations”  to look like there ar numerous selections. All low grade ingredients. Definitely not quality. No Tako (squid) ,  eel, shrimp. There was no chilled seafood available either.

Third….a Fried Rice station, when there is already fried rice on the buffet line? Why not a stir fry?

Fourth… Hot Food Selections are poor quality and down right insulting.
The Teriyaki chicken was thinly sliced and laid in two rows down the pan. On either side chopped carrots and potatoes to “fill up” the pan. The only shrimp available was a Chili oil shell ON shrimp. So either eat the shell or end up with chilli oil fingers. The only mussel selection was DROWNING in a thick Marinara Sauce. These were the choices in the pans that weren’t 1pm on a Friday afternoon????!                

Nobody refilling either. The shrimp tempura was the size of a golf pencil whenever you found any mixed in with the tempura vegetables.

Fifth….$15.95!?!?  maybe $10.95…..but really $5.95 would be fair

Did I enjoy anything about the place? NO.  Would I go back? NO. Would I reccomend? NO.


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