with Michael Lum

North Park Pub Sprawl




APRIL   25 ,  2011 TONIGHT!!!! APRIL 25, 2011

     $5 per ticket (cash only)
     1 TICKET = 1 DRINK (no limit per person)

     Drink Specials Valid: 8:00 pm–12:00 am

     Buy your tickets at:                                  
     True North Tavern
     West Coast Tavern                                                     


North Park bars and restaurants are some of San Diego’s trendiest and most vibrant places to visit. Within a few blocks of each other, these bars and restaurants make for an easy night of drinking, dining, and walking; thus the reason for the North Park Pub Sprawl! With this night, we hope to highlight some of North Park’s unseen gems, as well as bringing people back to the already popular establishments.

Unlike a pub crawl where a group of people hop from one bar to the next together, the pub sprawl allows for more flexibility and choices. We want to offer guests a chance to drink at North Park bars and restaurants without the time constraints and limitations of a pub crawl. Guests at our event will travel with whomever they want, whenever they want, to wherever they want. It’s in their control; we just offer them great drink specials with a chance to experience the best of North Park in one night.

Each of the participating businesses will offer ONE $5 drink special. One ticket equals one drink and guests will have the opportunity to buy an unlimited amount of tickets. 

Participants will then travel to the bars and restaurants to exchange their tickets for the $5 drink specials…..


-Bar Pink
-Bluefoot Bar & Lounge
-El Take It Easy
-The Linkery
-Mosaic Wine Bar
-The Office
-Redwing Bar & Grill
-Splash Wine Lounge
-True North Tavern
-Urbn Coal Fired Pizza/Bar
-West Coast Tavern


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