with Michael Lum

Mapping the Countries of the Middle East…….


It’s amazing how often we speak of these countries and don’t really know where they are.

You REALLY, I mean REALLY, must take this mini quiz. We talk about or hear about these countries almost daily. But, how many of them can you find on the map?????

Take this mini Quiz!

I took it and finished it in about 13 minutes…. It is really great as I feel I learned something and now when they talk about a country I understand it’s proximety to the other countries.

So are you ready to play?

Drag the country’s name onto the map. There’s no score nor time limit; this exercise is a learning tool. Errors don’t count. If you do want to score yourself, use time. Once you finish the puzzle, you’ll be way smarter about this very crucial section of world.

You think you know the countries?   Wait and see



One Response to “Mapping the Countries of the Middle East…….”

  1. the ….istan’s were tough to place, but it was fun. I did well, I think!

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