with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Buzz’s Original Steak House …Lanikai, Hawaii

413 Kawailoa Rd
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 261-4661
Open for lunch or dinner Buzz’s is the place to go
Great food, Great Views, Great times…
It is as I remembered it as a little kid ,,some 40 + years ago.  A  Real Hawaiian style, laid back  feeling is seen and tasted in the food, music and ambience. Steaks grilled with Hwaiian salt on  Keawe Wood Grill, escargot with parsley butter,
 fresh produce on the salad bar and a killer view of the ocean. Did I forget to mention the outdoor patio is built around the trunk of a live tree!
While you wait or after being seated enjoy their numerous “House Special” Cocktails…

Buzz’s can be a little mid range to prices,BUT, the dinner entrees are HUGE, split one and get a side. We actually split both an  appetizer (the escargot) and the Lunch steak entree. More than enough………….

This is the place that is at the end of the rainbow.  A place  to come when you want the world to stop and you want to just be in the  moment…

As the Hawaiian’s say…………”E  komo mai”


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