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A Tribute to the Nominees for BEST PICTURE

We had the privilege of celebrating our friend’s birthday along with his wife and 10 of his closest friends here in San Diego. He insisted he wanted to go to a “Drag Show”.

So it began, The INCEPTION, of our plan. We made reservations at Bourbon Street to see “The Dreamgirls Revue.”  We all arrived that evening in January looking forward to a great show.

We had gone to the Thrift Store and bought a drag “outfit” for the guest of honor. He tried to protest and was certainly, THE FIGHTER, when we told him he had to dress up, but he was a good sport…..

so the show is about to start and the curtain opens and…….

What ??!? an older female impersonator (actually only a year older than me) named “Dolly Levi”, and a +++++size impersonator, named Delta Work, of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, were the guests. We thought “Oh NO it is going to be a boring night”. Well……

Miss Ladona Monroe, the emcee, opens with an outrageously funny monologue and gave us the back story of herself and two guests that evening.  It was like TOY STORY 3, but in this case BOY STORY 3. Yes, it was somewhat of a speech, a Queen’s Speech. Now, had she not been in drag would it have been, THE KING’S SPEECH ?

Delta Work does a great number and then,

wrapped in a white cape and a masked face out comes Dolly Levi. She begins to twirl and off comes the cape

and who is there standing on her toes but, THE BLACK SWAN !

Can you imagine standing on your toes and dancing?

It must take TRUE GRIT!

The performance was amazing. Especially touching as his Dad and stepmom were watching the show. Nice for his Dad knowing THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. We had quite the time and enjoyed the evening and met new friends, and renewed some friendships much THE SOCIAL NETWORKBeing that the venue was outside it began to get really cold, even to the bone. I guess we were experiencing Winter’s Bone.

After all the fun, eating, drinking we were all exhausted it truly seemed like the party went on for 127 HOURS!


One Response to “A Tribute to the Nominees for BEST PICTURE”

  1. omg i was there that night and this is a really nice article and i know you meant no disrespect but you made some errors in terminology and facts. dolly levi is an actor/female impersonator not a drag queen i know because i spoke with him after the show along with his dad and step mom (not his sister) and made the mistake of calling him my favorite drag queen and was quickly but politely corrected by his dad about calling him a drag queen and was also told by his dad that his son is a member of the screen actors guild with many film and television projects to his credit and has been doing films since the late 1980’s. as for delta, it’s “work” not “works” other than that this was a really great article and im so glad i was there to share that night with everyone that was there. sorry to be nit picky but i just thought you should know in case you ever talk to dolly levi personally. i was also surprised on how short he is out of heels.

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