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Twin Peaks San Francisco…It’s Snowing! Feb.25 11:36 pm

Twin Peaks Snowing………………….

conniemerer‎ apparetly its snowing near twin peaks here in san francisco…i guess it won’t be snowing in the outer sunset 😦
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2 minutes ago

  • RidhimaSnow in SFO: snow dust reported on Twin peaks, San Francisco! wohoo
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    2 minutes ago

  • RidhimaSnow dust on twin peaks, San Francisco!
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    4 minutes ago

  • MzzCarriSnowing in San Francisco in the avenues n twin peaks… Unbelievable
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    9 minutes ago

  • youngTouch‎ It’s snowing In twin peak san Francisco…say ur prayers
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    9 minutes ago

  • sdtesar‎ RT @PabloNBCLA: Snowing @ 800 Feet Twin Peaks in San Francisco 10:45PM and getting lower…
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    San Francisco hill regions get dusting of snow

    The Associated Press
    Saturday, February 26, 2011; 7:10 AM


    SAN FRANCISCO — Hilly areas of San Francisco got a rare light dusting of snow, the National Weather Service said Saturday.

    Snow fell briefly late Friday and early Saturday on the city’s Twin Peaks neighborhood and some other areas with higher elevations, meteorologist Mark Strobin said.

    “A little bit up in the hills,” Strobin told The Associated Press. “It snowed down to about 400 feet.”

    But there was only rain downtown and in other other areas of the near sea level city, and the snow that did fall disappeared rapidly.

    The city last saw snow on the ground in 1976, when an inch fell.

    WEATHER ALERT: Snow comes to San Francisco

    By Steven Luo February 26, 2011

    Sporadic snow flurries began to fall over the Bay Area Friday night below 1,000 feet, including on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, the result of an unusually cold winter storm that has gripped the Bay Area this weekend.

    The falling snow, barely visible to most city residents, was reported at the summit of the peak at 922 feet above sea level. Online reports and photographs uploaded by Twitter users showed snow showers falling in parts of Daly City and the southwestern quadrant of San Francisco.

    While snowflakes visited hills and other elevated areas, the snow is not expected to reach sea level. Forecasts from earlier this week had said there was a chance of snow at sea level in San Francisco for the first time since 1976.


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