with Michael Lum

Snow? In San Francisco?

Could this be true?  Well they say it may snow in San Francisco tomorrow or Saturday.

Well it HAS snowed in San Francisco before…..

Snowfall in San Francisco
1856 Dec 25 2.5″
1868 Jan 12 2.0″
1882 Dec 31 3.5″ Snow fell from 11:30am to 4:20pm.
1884 Feb 7 1.5″ Snow fell off and on during the day. Depths from 1 to 2″.
1887 Feb 5 3.7″ Snow fell during the day. Up to 7″ of Twin Peaks.
1888 Jan 16 0.1″
1896 Mar 3 1.0″ Fell as brief heavy snow at night.
1932 Dec 11 0.8″
1952 Jan 15 0.3″
1962 Jan 21 Unofficial 3″ in Sunset and Westlake Districts
1976 Feb 5 1.0″ Up to 5″ at top of Twin Peaks.

Read more:

Here is the proof…

The Mission in 1887………….

in the Marin Headlands  02/76……………

Snowfall in The Bay area

….San Jose March 2006

San Bruno  

Mission Street in March 2010, although some say it was more hail than snow…

So, what do you think?

will there be skiing in the streets….. OR

is this the only place it ‘ll be snowing in San Francisco?

We’ll know in 24 hours!


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  1. awesome!

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