with Michael Lum

Palm Springs Modernism Week 2011

So Modernism Week is here again.  I ask myself, ” Why do these people get so excited about this era?”  I had thought all of the “hoopla” was just that. So I began to think about it more. I found it so interesting that the “modernism”  fan celebrates the designs of the 1950’s -1960s. this is about 50- 60 years ago.  That makes those styles “vintage” ( officially anything 40-50  years old is vintage, 100+ is antique  per Wikipedia ). So does that mean if we remember growing up with  these 1950’s designs being in our childhood home  that makes  us VINTAGE?

Well I guess AARP offers, restricted communities of 55+, movie theater discounts  all confirm this fact.  We are now approaching a new  distinction  …VINTAGE.

I remember my parents having a George Nelson ceiling fixture in the diningroom, and helping my Mom set up for a fondue party in her kitchen

Yes, we had that oven in the wall, the clock on the wall and the telephone on the wall.

No my Mom did not wear pearls and high heels when she cooked……..


I thought some more…

For instance,why do I love  Martini’s ? I  guess it goes back to this era as well.

Watching  the “Mad Men”  parties either at home or my parent’s friend’s homes. Watching them being shaken then poured into those tall stemmed chilled glasses.  Perry Como singing in the background as guests mill around on the patio or sit in those crazy Butterfly Chairs…

Maybe it’s not the actual furniture that people are drawn to,  but rather the feelings they evoke when viewing them.  A simpler time. A post WWII, things are good , lets enjoy life attitude. The style of the furniture evokes that. Laid back, casual, simple lines.bright colors.

Ok,I understand it now. It makes sense. I guess that’s why a certain demogrphic is drawn to Palm Springs. Deepwell, Las Palmas, these neighborhoods  look like where we grew up.  Homes with open beams, chlerstory windows, blender hook-up right in the formica bar countertop.Who knew I grew up in such a trendy household?  I never knew my parents were so “hip”.

I now realize, I am VINTAGE!  In 46 years I’ll be an ANTIQUE! ………………..


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