with Michael Lum

REVIEW: Redwing Bar & Grill

4012 30th St (between Lincoln Ave & Polk Ave)
San Diego, CA 92104
Neighborhood: North Park
(619) 281-8700

How do you describe REDWING?!?!? After much thought I figured it out. Like a chameleon. It changes as the day progresses to night and then late night!

Tracey starts things off bright and early….


The Early Shift :

Mid/later afternoon…
Clientele Gay,straight, any body with the day off or Happily retired….
Scene: “Cheers type bar” , “Neighborhood wateringhole feel”

The MidPM Shift: 
Clientele…Gay, Straight , Not sure, but ” I”m with HER”,  
Bachelorette Parties, Groups, People having fun
Scene: Pretty good Karaoke singers (Fri & Sat) ,

Great food available too




The Late Shift  
Clientele…Gay,Straight,  Not sure but,“I MIGHT NOT be with her”
Scene: ALL having ALOT of fun
Some singers should have gone home an hour ago, “have another shot”



 The “Cross Over” Shift   
Clientele:Gay,Straight, “I’ll call you later, but I gotta leave with HER”
Scene: Everybody having way too much fun & the singers are tone deaf

Rueben’s  ” Over It”

“do I look like I have time to serve you?”

and Daniel wants to go home …………”you want what?”

All kidding aside, Redwing is a fun, quirky and safe neighborhood bar.

With TV’s ,Darts , Pool Table……

an outdoor lounge/smoking area with its own bar…..

Redwing offers something for everybody.

* We love the fact they have a no tolerance for “situations”, raised voices, or people who really should go home.  When that rare situation happens it is handled without fanfare and very low keyed. Always offering the customers a fun, enjoyable environment.   A big Thanks to the owner and staff…..

                                Its always a party at Redwing!!!

                 and it’s great that it’s  only 4  blocks from home…..or is it???

NY’s EVE  2011


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