with Michael Lum

Babette Schwartz

421 University Ave
(between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 220-7048

White Trash Our Lady of the Trailer Park Candle Pop Culture Icons Tees
Bettie Page Dress-Up Magnets Super Heroes Wiggling Hula Girl Toys
Girly Girl Superman Address Book Magnets Superman Man of Steel Mug
Devotional Candles Tiki Hut Mexicana Religious Kitsch


This place is truly amazing . If you are looking for a little quircky, gag, or completely off the wall gift ,this is the place. But, they also have gift cards and T-shirts that will have you laughing so hard you end up crying. You having a bad day? Stop by and have a good laugh, you’ll feel so much better.

Oh , and the food products…..Bacon jelly beans?  bacon salt, pasta in the shape of genitalia, cake pans in the shape of  your bottom, top or front.

50’s Luau partyware, Pin ups of starlets,  Pink flamingos…Mexicana,Religious relics…

You need to spend a couple of hours in the store,truly. The store has become a “must see” when out of towners come to town. (It’s a great way to entertain friends or family. You get them in the store andthen you go off to get a coffee or something stronger there are many choices all around Babette’s.

In Babette’s words:

“On any given day you can expect to choose from an eclectic assortment of gifts for yourself, loved ones, friends, or anybody else you feel compelled to shop for. I have something for everyone: the best books, hundreds of magnets of all shapes and sizes, candles, t-shirts, Mexicana, bead curtains, salt and pepper shakers, greeting cards, post cards, pop culture, incense, journals, classic toys, key chains, and novelty items. As I mentioned, my gift items change frequently, sometimes daily, so I can’t possibly list everything available, so stop by, say hi, and puruse what I’ve chosen for you!”

“Now, in one well-appointed location, the average person can attain hours of entertainment and acquisition formerly available only in the privacy of my own home.”

Conveniently located in Hillcrest surrounded by eateries, bars,and shops.


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