with Michael Lum

Harbor House …In Seaport Village

831 W Harbor Dr.
(between Broadway & G St)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-1141

It was the 100th Anniversary of the Navy and there was a “Flight Parade” with 200 aircraft of different eras flying around CORONADO. It started to get hot after 1 1/2 hours and we saw empty tables up in the restaurant (that should have been a clue) a decided to head indoors. We get up to the second floor and ask if we can be seated on the outdoor, covered patio, so we can take pics. “It’s full” was the reply. We knew it wasn’t as we saw a few tables from below and there was NOBODY waiting to be sat. We didn’t insist and were sat.

There were empty tables around us. But it STILL took 10 minutes before anybody came over. We ordered and water and ice tea were brought, spilling over the server’s hands and all over the table. Then the Bloody Mary brought by hand, overflowing all over the outside of the glass.  Whatever happened to using trays??

Oyster Rockefeller was then brought by the manager. We mentioned we were sharing it. There were no bread plates so we had to try and get the oyster from the shell to our mouths without it falling off the fork. The server brought us 2 extra plates after we were through and actually still put the “share plates” down!!?!?! What??? We don’t need them anymore! Why not clear the plate with the empty oyster shells? Instead, she leaves the plates and walks away.

Fish tacos…tasteless, Grilled Mahi sandwich…dry, French Fries…soggy.

The ONLY thing that made it bearable was the view. I would NOT go back.   As my friend said, “They are counting on the one time diner and hoping all they will remember is the view” In our case wrong on both counts.

What an embarrassment to other San Diego restaurants and chefs…. what an embarrassment to fellow San Diegans!

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