with Michael Lum

Architectural Salvage of San Diego

2401 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 696-1313

  Located adjacent to Little Italy this is one of San Diego’s best finds.  Whether you are looking for vintage piece of hardware, or just want to visit and walk through the “gallery” and memory lane it will well be worth your while.

This new store is organized and structured. I remember visiting years ago when it was more of an Indiana Jones experience.

They have EVERYTHING !!! 

Need a door?


Or perhaps a “new” old window………………..                                                           

                                     stained glass or  leaded ???          

The people there are knowledgable and  helpful and happy to answer any questions.

Prices are not “Thrift store”, but after all these are authentic restored pieces not reproductions.  As I said it is very much like being in an architectual museum. Make sure you have the time to spend when you go, you’ll want to take your time browsing.


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