with Michael Lum

Chamorro Grill…Guamanian/Hawaiian Food

6628 Mission Gorge Rd
Ste C
(between Zion Ave & Allied Rd)
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 280-2000

This place offers an interesting blend of Pacific Island/Asian dishes:

Guamanian red rice, chicken keleguen
1/2 short rib/kelaguin combo side of kimchee
Hawaiian style plate lunch (L & L type) ribs, Kalua pork,
Fiesta Bowl with red rice, short ribs, pancit
also Filipino pancit and lumpia
Korean kim chee
Spam musubi (red rice version)
Japanese Spam musubi
It’s a very casual “eat in” place. Great for take out or for catering. It will definitely satisfy the craving for “Island” food. They were very friendly and the best part is that everything is made to order. It does take a little longer but it is worth it.

Check out for discount coupons!


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