with Michael Lum

New Year’s Time Zones Around The World…

Here’s a list of timezones for New Years Eve, adjusted for PST. At a New Year’s Eve Party, use this list to celebrate New Years around the world. For instance, at 9pm PST it’s New Years in Jamaica! Bang those pots every hour!

4am  New Zealand, Fiji, Guam

5am New Caledonia, Guadalcanal

6am New Guinea, Tasmania

7am     Tokyo,  Seoul Australia


8am    Peking 

Hong Kong


9am Jakarta, Java, Bangkok

10am Calcutta, Sri Lanka, New Delhi               


11am Pakistan, Afghanistan

12pm  Rostov, Iran

1pm    Moscow, Iraq

2pm  Romania, Egypt,


3pm             France                                                     Italy

4pm England,    Scotland, …… 

5pm Cape Verda, Azores   

6pm  Falkland Islands

7pm Rio de Janiero                       

8pm Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico

9pm New York Miami,

Bahamas, Cuba

10pm                                             MexicoCity 

11pm Boise, Mazatlan, Calgary



Las Vegas

Palm SpringsLos Angeles

San Diego

1am MarquesasIslands, Alaska

2am   Hawaii


Times are what time it is in California (PST) when it’s new years somewhere else.


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